An investment in residential property for lease to the Local Authority is an ideal low-risk investment vehicle for investors seeking a secure income, pension funds, approved retirement funds (ARFs) and investors seeking capital growth.

  • Our target Net Initial Yield of 5% plus is an unrivalled return for income-seeking investors compared to similar secure-income investments

  • Covenant Strength – Rent guaranteed under Government-backed lease of up to 25 years

  • Rent index-linked to the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) Ireland

  • Low, transparent charging structure and low fee impact on the investment return

  • The underlying asset participates 100% in any capital appreciation

  • Hands-off investment requiring minimal management.

  • Strong historical returns

  • If purchased through a pension, no requirement to liquidate asset at retirement as it can be transferred “in-specie” to an approved retirement fund (ARF)

  • Opportunity to reserve future income requirement for ARF’s

  • Investor maintains control of their investment as they retain ownership of the asset

  • Income drawdown does not deplete capital

  • No currency risk for Eurozone investors

Rent Reviews Index-Linked To Inflation

The rental Income receivable under the Long-Term lease makes provision for regular rent reviews every 3 years, linked to the change in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) Ireland.

Historic Harmonised Inflation (HICP) Ireland from 1996 to 2018

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