Details of Dublin City Council’s Leasing Process
(based on Individual not multiple units being offered)

  1. The process takes in the region of 3 months from start to finish for individual properties.
  2. Properties must be VACANT to be considered for leasing.
  3. It is advisable that owners check the Head Lease for the property (particularly in respect of those properties where a management company is in existence) as there may be a clause prohibiting the sub-letting of units.
  4. A solicitor will be required when the legal stage of the leasing process begins.
  5. The lease term will be either 10 years,20 years or 25 years with 3-year rent reviews.
  6. Following the initial application there will be a first inspection of the property by our in- house Inspector to deem it suitable for leasing.
  7. Rents will be paid at 80% of the current DAFT rate for properties which do not have a Management Company in situ. Properties which do have a Management Company in situ will receive 85% of the DAFT rate. The rent is reviewed upwards or downwards at review date in accordance with the lease agreement. This rent discount is applied to take account of the management/maintenance of the property by DCC and the elimination of vacant periods where a property owner would normally not receive a rent payment.
  8. Once it is confirmed that the property meets all the required regulations and standards for social housing it will have a second inspection carried out by DCC or an agency employed by DCC to manage their leased properties.
  9. Following the second inspection a letter will issue stating the rent offer and detailing any works required to be carried out in advance of DCC entering a lease with the owner. This letter will also request required documentation to be submitted within a month of the date of the letter.
  10. Payment will be made monthly to Landlords by Electronic Fund Transfer directly to their bank account.
  11. If the owner is resident outside the Republic of Ireland, the rental income for the property will be subject to “Withholding Tax”.

General Lease Conditions

  1. Please note if the property is sold within the period of the lease it will be sold with the lease agreement transferred to the new owner and DCC’s allocated tenant in place until the expiration of the lease. DCC should be notified immediately of any change in ownership of the property.
  2. The property owner retains responsibility for structural repairs to the exterior and roof of the premises.
  3. The Local Property Tax (LPT) and building insurance will continue to be the responsibility of the owner and evidence of insurance will be required to be submitted at each review date.
  4. The owner will remain responsible for and will be liable to repair any defects in relation to drains, sanitary fittings, appliances and pipes which become apparent in the property within the first six months of the lease term.
  5. The owner will remain responsible for the cost of replacing any furniture or appliances which become defective in the first 60 days of the lease term.
  6. All relevant management fees associated with the property continue to be the responsibility of the owner.
  7. DCC, (or its nominated agent), retains full responsibility for tenancy management and internal maintenance of the property after the liability/defect period mentioned above.
  8. The Council will have exclusive use of the property during the term of the lease and will allocate tenants.
  9. At the end of the lease term the Council will ensure that the property is returned in good condition minus fair wear and tear. It should also be noted that furnishings will not be replaced.

General Requirements

  1. It should be noted that furnishings which will be specified must be supplied for each property before the final signing of the lease document.
  2. One set of keys to be provided for each property, including a fob per property, etc. for car parking, if applicable (all to be clearly labelled).
  3. A BER Cert and Advisory Report will be required for each property.
  4. MPRN (Electricity)/GPRN (Gas) numbers and utility account information, including utility provider, will be required to be provided for each property.
  5. If the property is in a multi-unit development then details of the Management Company and Managing Agent is to be provided, along with Service Charge, Sinking Fund, Budget and all other relevant information as required under the MUDS Act.

Exterior of the Property

Roof, roof tiles, doors, windows, gutters, downpipes and fascia board/soffit to be in good repair; all manhole covers to be provided, trip hazards, access restrictions, etc. to be dealt with, grass/weeds to be cut back where necessary and where missing gates/fencing to be replaced/fitted.