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Purchasing a property for lease can be quite a daunting process. Housing Together partners with investors by offering a turnkey service from identification of a property right through to securing the Government lease.

  • Liaise with Local Authority to identify social housing pressure zones and property type required

  • Research and identify suitable properties

  • Secure Letter of Intention from the Local Authority to lease the identified property under the Government’s Long-Term Lease Scheme

  • Bid and sale-agree properties

  • Arrange an independent building survey of property

  • Provide expert legal team to guide you through the acquisition process and completion of Local Authority lease

  • Manage Local Authority inspection of property to ensure compliance with Housing Standards for Rented Houses Regulation 2017

  • Complete submission for long-term lease to Local Authority

  • Secure letter of lease offer from Local Authority

  • Provision of a cost-effective refurbishment team to complete works required to comply with Local Authority standards for rental accommodation

  • Project manage any works required

  • Furnish properties in accordance with schedule of furnishings & appliances as required by the Local Authority availing of our negotiated discount package

  • Complete lease with Local Authority for terms of up to 25 years

Process to Secure Long-Term Lease

Identify Property

Establish Intention
to Lease

Acquire Property

Application for Lease

Local Authority Inspection

Comply with Local
Authority Requirements

Local Authority
Final Inspection

Complete Lease
Up to 25 Years

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