Social Impact Investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry, powered by investors who want to better understand how their money is being applied and who are determined to generate a positive social impact as well as good financial returns.

A growing area of Social Impact Investing is the funding of social and affordable housing.

Often, investments in social housing are associated with properties which are located in designated social housing areas. However, under the Long-Term Lease Scheme, Housing Together identifies properties in private developments for lease to the Local Authority, delivering a mix of social housing amongst privately-owned housing.

A key objective of the Irish Government Long-Term Lease Scheme is to achieve sustainable communities by having a good balance of mixed-income and mixed-tenure households.

The mixing of people from different socio-economic backgrounds creates more diverse, socially cohesive and interesting communities and helps to improve social mobility.

The alternative system of uniform estates can lead to segregation of different socioeconomic groups and to the creation of deprived ghettos.

Since Housing Together was established, through our investors, we have funded a significant number of properties for social housing needs. The Social Impact of these investments is significant and Housing Together’s aim is to become the largest provider of social housing in Ireland under the Government’s Long-Term Lease Scheme.

“We at Blue Chair Investments Limited believe that our clients’ welfare is paramount to the success of our business. When choosing business partners we only align ourselves with like minded people. We have found one such company in Housing Together. Enda, Simon and Vivienne have proven over and over again that they are prepared to work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals. They have a no-nonsense hands on approach, help clients navigate their way from the initial engagement, right through to the completion of the lease with the Council. They are open and frank in all communications and are a very experienced and highly motivated team to have on your side. We look forward to having a long and prosperous working relationship with Housing Together in the future.”
Tom O’Neil, Managing Director, Blue Chair Investments Limited
“Our Company have been dealing with Enda from Housing Together for the last year or so and can highly recommend them. Since the beginning we could rely on Enda for his honest advice and guidance with our clients queries and issues. He is extremely professional and highly experienced in his field. Enda is always available and completely reliable to revert with accurate and timely information. We look forward to dealing with Enda and Housing Together for many years to come.”
Joe Buen, Bruen Financial Services Ltd.

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