Social Housing in Ireland is at crisis levels due to a booming population and a limited supply of residential properties. The following is a snapshot of the numbers:

  • Number of qualified households currently on Social Housing List: 68,693 (June 2020)

  • Number of people homeless: 8,656 (January 2020)

  • Booming population growth: 76,974 (June 2020)

  • Ireland has the highest birth rate in the EU

  • Ireland has the lowest death rate in the EU

  • Ireland has the youngest population in the EU

  • All-time high rates of immigration with 88,600 people immigrating to Ireland in 2019

Sources: CSO, Housing Agency and Focus Ireland

Government Action Plan

As part of the Government’s action plan to help solve the crisis, the Local Authorities are seeking to lease 10,000 residential properties from private investors over the next 3 years, offering 10, 20 and 25 year leases under the Long-Term Lease Scheme.

Together We Can Make A Difference

Our strategy is to combine the needs of investors with the needs of those most vulnerable in society through partnerships with Local Government. Together we can deliver a plentiful supply of high standard, energy-efficient social housing units whilst at the same time providing a healthy investment return to facilitate investor requirements.

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